Wakame Users Group #013

Fri, 15 Jul 2016 19:00 - 21:00

BroadBand Tower Inc.

〒100-0011 Tokyo-to Chiyoda-ku Uchisaiwaicho 3-2 Uchisaiwaicho Tokyu Building 7F

Tomofumi Hayashi Koichi Kunitake 緒方 亮 shun159 TK Hirofumi Hida 佐々木厚吉 mizoken001 荒井康宏 山崎 泰宏 Osamu Habuka + 4 more participants

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How to learn OpenVNet's usage from its integration test

One problem with Software Defined Network solutions such as OpenVNet is their relatively high learning curve. SDN is a difficult topic to understand and requires very specific setup. During this presentation will be focus on how to learn OpenVNet's usage by looking at its integration test. This presentation will cover the following points.

  • Explanation of the integration test environment and how it allows us to test OpenVNet's advanced features.
  • Demo of how to set up the integration test on a local Linux machine.
  • Explanation of how to read its dataset yaml files and translate them to vnctl commands.
  • Demo of how to run the test and write your own scenarios.

Call for presenters

If you have a topic you would like to present, please contact us on the google group, twitter or other means.

Some guidelines for a presentation:

  • More or less one hour long
  • Presentations can be in either English or Japanese
  • Topics don't have to be about Wakame-vdc or OpenVNet. We welcome any presentation related to cloud computing, virtualization, networking, infrastructure, etc.
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